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On Fire! & Beyond the Realms of Sleep , I Dream of you.

by Rhaold Earl & Emo

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You know you really gotta keep - keeping on Such glowing beacons of light No need to flicker out alone Courting brooding drama’s , the unfolding within your psyched out frame of mind I Hear the Ethereal Messenger sings Of Solidarity and of unity It’s needed if we are all gonna hope to live our lives free- wanna? Open our eyes experience this thing together Open our arms Open our hearts , it’s better All our memories are mere Specs of dust caught in the light Our hearts beating raw over such an endless sight , no wonder the utter terror is so revealing Of the fragility of it all Lost ethereal Beings Chorus So Don’t let them strip away your freedom Would you shed a single tear over such a loss? Can you feel it it's In the ether? Over and over again the fights the same We still all remain so divided it seems nothing will change unless we right it. This seething undercurrent can bring buildings down So what in the world is it that we can't think out Chorus So Don’t let them strip away your freedom Would you shed a single tear over such a loss? Can you feel it it's In the ether? The difficulty of trying to fit neatly within the lines Were on a losing battle, blurred at the best of times Obsessed by the beauty that lies deep within us all And that each pure artistic expression Is worth its weight in gold
These cascading thoughts hold desire for new ground With my heart beating open for all to see round Come on in with the ravens Abandoning fragile towers we build Turn your backs to the past free of all guilt And rejoice. Rhythm of blood brings meaning and new light Through unfathomed reaches I see an an undefined might. These Changes bestow gifts with a new sense of belonging Hopelessness replaced by wondrous feeling I rejoice.
You ain’t gonna feel bad no more over the pistol whipping past , such bliss. You could never resist. Sub - urban girl with cosmic eyes , her radiation blows my mind and that kiss. A mesmeric totem. Bridge Whoah now horsey isn’t she just the damn prettiest girl that you ever did see ? Don’t you son , dismount like some regular guy and steal her heart, her kiss then fly. Eyes are wide with energy , revitalising entity. Such bliss written on her lips. Go on reveal the real dream state , neon cortex , fractal estates A mesmeric totem Bridge Chorus On fire and beyond the realms of sleep I dream it’s true , am I awake. Quiet minds run amok , With thoughts that just can’t define us , so delirious , hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Saddle up it’s been so long since we knew we would make it but baby we always would don’t ya know? It’s a beautiful world to behold with you girl let’s not get caught out on our own! It’s a crazy pipe dream and if you like what you see come on over and I’ll show you slower. Bridge Chorus End.
Memories overwhelming traces Revealing forgotten familiars (Refrain) Our ghost selves are following magnetic ancient paths Ritual repeating , ever after Sensual chanting echoes pass (Refrain) Gatherings in artistic fusion Murmurings timeless reverberation (Refrain) Primordial atoms re-emerge Cyclical patterns etched within (Refrain) Echoes of our past lives together Trapped in each moment And I’ve loved you for over a thousand years and a day The residue of our past lives together echoes in each moment And I’ll find you Trust the ancient paths hath shown me the way The residue of our past lives together Leaving echos in each moment And I’ll find you I’ll walk my whole live’s to meet you over again. Over again Over again Over again


A collection of songs written over the last year and a bit under the pseudonym Rhoald Earl & Emo.

The songs have previously been shared in various forms on soundcloud , I guess we used to call them demos and release them on cassette and furiously sell them at gigs and through mail order.
The good old days.
It is my pleasure to be able to finally share them as a whole and in a way that I am 95% happy with.

The song “of Swilly & County” was actually written way back in 2002. I performed it a couple of times on acoustic at open mic nights in Stoke Newington. I always had it in the back of my mind and I felt it was now the right time to realise it as an actuality.

For many years I have been writing music without any goal in mind. I have finally found the time and the means to complete this E.P.

All songs are recorded and played by myself.
The guitars are acoustic guitars - my trusty Gretsch parlour semi acoustic and a bashed up old fender acoustic.
The drums and bass are programmed except the drums on “Cascading thought” which are played by Jamie Keddie (the monsoon bassoon)
There are some additional sounds from xylophone , melodeon.
All vocals are my own.
It was all sequenced and mastered using garage band and a dodgy set of speakers and headphones.

I have tried to give each track its own individuality but I feel overall they work together as a whole and take you on a coherent unexpected journey.

As always it is best to experience on headphones.

As a rule there are no rules.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed the creative process.

Thanks for listening

Daniel Chudley - Le Corre


released August 21, 2022

Daniel Chudley - Le Corre - Guitar, Vocal , Xylophone , Melodeon , Sequencing
Jammie Fraser Keddie - Drums on "Cascading thought"


all rights reserved



Rhoald Earl & Emo Plymouth, UK

Rhoald Earl & Emo is Daniel Chudley - Le Corre
Ex Guitarist / songwriter / Singer - The Monsoon Bassoon.
Guitarist / songwriter /singer Authority.
Bass / singing The Admirals Hard.

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